Overdue Facebook Changes

You know if Facebook actually fixed things that NEED to be fixed on the site, all ‘400 million’ of its users (minus the 40% that a study found were actually fake) would probably be a lot happier. I mean do we really need a new profile design every other month or a new place to put the birthdays and event invites? We’re smart kids – we’ll figure it out – promise!

On the other hand, there are some major kinks and annoyances in Facebook’s system that could definitely use a fix or complete nix.

  1. NOTIFICATIONS : It would be really nice if you could freely ‘Like’/comment on a picture, status, or wall post without hesitating because you don’t want to receive a flag every single time someone else wants to throw their 2 cents in. Instead, it would be helpful if you WERE notified about wall posts on an event YOU’VE created, just in case you don’t diligently check its status everyday.
  2. OPTIONS ON CHAT : I really like Gchat’s function of being able to be ‘invisible’ while on chat, so you can openly engage in conversation with whom YOU choose without having to remain ‘online’ to everyone. Sometimes you just want to talk to a person or so, right? It’s also nice to be able to browse your options without anyone knowing you’re doing so. Elusiveness rocks.
  3. PHOTO PRIVACY: You should be able to set a default privacy setting for all of your photo albums and THEN individually alter the settings for each album if you wish. It’s hard to remember to add the ‘restricted’ lists every time you create a new album – not to mention annoying. The one album you’ll forget to update will probably end up being the one that you ESPECIALLY want to hide from your family/boss/professors, and that’s going to be no bueno for sure.
  4. APPLICATIONS : I really hate being invited to applications – no matter how good of friends I am with you. They’re just annoying, and I don’t use them. I wish I could add myself to a list so that I couldn’t be added to an invite list for an application/game/quiz/anything else spammy.
  5. MESSAGES : This is probably not feasible nor practical, but I know I can’t be the ONLY person who gets annoyed by messages sent from a group/event you were invite to. Obviously those messages are sent out for good reason, but sometimes I’ve said “Not Attending” and will STILL get all sorts of reminders, changes in times/location notifications, and ‘Thank You’s”!

Anybody else agree with me?


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