Free Mp3’s – Really!

The existence of Napster, Limewire, Frostwire, and countless more of those handy P2P programs have been proven to be truly bittersweet in the lives of millions of music lovers out there. Yes, the music is “free” but kind of in the same way a pack of gum is free at the grocery store if no one is looking when you take it and no one catches you after. It’s so easy to take and although it’s seemingly a worthless little item, we just HATE to cough up the dollar or two to buy it. It’s not like you’re hurting the entire gum industry, right? Well take a few million of those everyday, and that story might not fly.

The same goes for music downloads through P2P software. It just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but if you ask any of the people who have lost millions of dollars through them, they’ll tell you otherwise. Also, it’s risky. Numerous people have gotten caught and been slapped with thousands of dollars in fines. Ugh! It’s just coughing up the money for music when you could get it for free is annoying, I know, I totally agree.

That’s why I was SUPER excited when my cousin told me about this snazzy site which allows you to take links from YouTube videos of songs we all know and love and type them into a little converter, which then punches out an Mp3 file for you to download for free! It goes straight into your iTunes – voila! It’s so easy and there hasn’t been any word of it being illegal, so far as I’ve heard. I’m really excited about this handy little invention because – hey, that’s a few bucks I’ll save every time that I can use to buy some gum… ; )

Here’s the site: Enjoy!!


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