Pravana Beach Wave Perm Review: Two-Week Update

It’s been almost two weeks since my transformation from a pin-straight haired gal to a bonafide wavyhead, and I have to say I really love the change. It’s been really fun to wake up to new hair everyday. The waves are soft, natural looking and easy to manage. But — it wasn’t like that from the get-go!

After I got the beach wave perm done, I had to wait 48 hours to wash my hair, and since it had been styled, I just chose to keep it up and out of the way until I could wash out all of the product.

48 hours later, I was dying to hop in the shower and check out my new waves. I used the Pravana Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner Anna from Trashy Roots Salon & Spa had recommended for me. While the conditioner’s scent reminded me of the conditioner the at-home color kits include, it did the trick. My hair was clean and soft once I got out of the shower. I towel-dried my hair, combed out the tangles and sprayed some of the Pravana Intensive Hyrdating Leave-In Conditioner in.

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch…

Next, I sprayed my hair down with the Pravana Beach Wave Control Mist.

Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch…I was done!

Having been a bit wary of how much maintenance I’d have to give my new wavy hair, I was pleased to say it was actually really quick and simple.

The mist was supposed to give me the “beach wave-y” look, and it did — for a while. I have super thick hair, and with my layers and relatively short-length, it had a lot of volume on its own. I was concerned about the level of “poof” it might have with the waves, and I was right to be! Later on that night, my hair had taken on a personality of its own — with too much volume and not enough definition, I looked like a dog with big fuzzy ears! Definitely NOT the look I was hoping for!

What to do? I sprayed it through with the mist, as the directions said, to “refresh” my waves. It helped – a little. But really, all I was left with was some dampened waves and hair that was all tangles.

The next day, I decided to nix the mist and try the Pravana Curl Enhancing Gel. Anna had recommended I use this for a “wet look”. I gave it a go after washing my hair. I was surprised when I squeezed some out that it was more the texture of a serum rather than a gel. I worked it through my hair and did some more scrunching. Voila! Hours later, I had more defined waves that looked natural, yet styled. That didn’t take me any work or time at all, and the results were more than satisfactory! Plus, my hair doesn’t feel like it has a ton of product in it. I can still run my fingers through it without running into tangles.

My hair has on occasion taken on more poof than preferable, and on those days I’ve pulled out the mist. I find that it works well once my hair has already had some gel through it. Although I’m not a huge fan of the mist because it tends to feel more product-ey than the gel, it’s a good refresher for my hair in the middle of the day!

What’s funny is that although my hair is super straight naturally, and even more straight when I take a flat iron to it (to get out all the kinks) – no one has commented on my new do! I’m assuming that people have simply assumed it’s my natural hair and I normally iron it out everyday. Guess it goes to show you how natural this look really is! Even better is that I’ve been able to literally wash, gel, scrunch, and go every single day. No ironing out kinks — nothing! It looks super natural in the day and just as dressed up at night. I’m loving the versatility!

Here’s my look from day to night after the Pravana Beach Wave Perm:



8 thoughts on “Pravana Beach Wave Perm Review: Two-Week Update

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    • Hi there! Sorry about the late reply — just saw this! So, I’d be careful getting this done if your hair is thin and already treated. My hair was in really good condition and it’s thick and straight (I rarely put heat to it also), so it took well. It didn’t seem like it damaged it very much though. I’d say coloring my hair damaged it more than this did by FAR! Also, my hair is stark straight, and I never have an issue with humidity, but I had to really put some gel or something in my hair after washing b/c like I said in the review — it would poof out (something I didn’t even know how to deal with at first!), so another thing to take into consideration! Find a good stylist who will talk you through all that though because if you can, I’d defn. try this — I LOVED it! Hope that helps and good luck! 🙂

    • I have fine hair which I highlight and color blonde (natural hair color ashy brown). After hearing about this perm and all the benefits it has, I wanted to try it. I mean, they even advertise a blonde-haired beauty right on the perm box and website. What a mistake! This perm completely damaged my entire head, root to end. I even had it done professionally. No amount of conditioner, hair-mask, or “miracle-product” has worked to reverse the damage done. My hair is completely dried-up and over processed and feels like straw. Not to mention, it feels like I am going bald every time I wash or comb it with how much hair falls out. I would NEVER recommend the Pravana Beach Wave Perm for anyone with blonde or highlighted hair. The only solution I am left with is to wait and let my hair regrow. What a mess!!

      • Thank you for posting! I was ready to jump into this, but I’m not interested in destroying my hair! Sorry it messed up your hair 😦 I know how traumatizing that can be!

      • It says not to use it on highlighted hair I thought about giving it a try as I have a lot of highlights, I’m SO glad I never did. Sorry that happened to you!

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