French Men and American Women

Pepé Le Pew

Study abroad programs can be such a great learning experience— both for guests and hosts. As a host of some sorts (representing fine Americans everywhere) last semester, I was fortunate enough to meet a handful of international students, who were spending their semester studying at UT-Austin.

I became to be pretty good friends with one of them, a French guy who was around my age, in his early 20’s; we often chatted and  got to be friends. This guy seemed like a flirt to me — always complimenting me (and it was only enhanced by his French accent), but on further  inspection, I realized it was just his utterly-French behavior (yes, I’m going to be a bit stereotypical here). I figured he was just like this with all women, but then he told me he didn’t like American girls.


He said he felt that they just weren’t comparable to French girls, and if anything, he found them to be disappointing in dress and behavior. What an incredibly interesting observation to make, considering there are innumerable American beauties out there!

Taking a look around on our infamous 6th Street on a night out, however, it didn’t take me long for me to  understand what he meant: the number of inebriated and scantily-dressed girls was remarkable. Funny enough, it can be said that most girls here dress and act the way they do assuming it’s attractive to men. It would be safe to say that American men, for the most part, seem to think so, anyway. Hmm, is this simply our culture? Less clothes, alcohol and rowdy behavior equals a sexy woman?  I guess so. Well, I guess I don’t blame him for choosing his Parisian ladies over our American beauties.

But it turns out it wasn’t just him that thought so…

A few nights ago, I met another bunch of French guys who were here studying abroad. We were all on our way downtown, so we ended up chit-chatting and making small talk on the bus down there. Interestingly enough, French Boy #2 starts telling me he just doesn’t really like American girls, either! Another one! As if taking a cue to help me understand better, a girl in the back of the bus — blonde, beautiful, and seemingly drunk — starts clapping her hands like a child and chanting (no lie), “La, la, la, la!” He turns to look at her, and turns back to me and says in his romantic French accent, “American girls — ze are just gross.”

Could this be a common opinion among foreign visitors to our country? And if so, no wonder even American men drool at the sight and sound of a foreign woman…let’s get it together ladies!




3 thoughts on “French Men and American Women

  1. Wow. This blog is so true. I think that is our American culture, the more intoxicated you are and the less clothing you have on makes you more desirable to an American man. (That’s only because you look like an easy score.)

    I have so far only met a couple of French guys and they have said they want to meet a “nice” American girl. By nice I guess they mean more like the French women.

    I do hope we ladies can get it together. We’ve got a lot of work to do.
    I’ll get started on that right away. While in France if I want to meet a good man, I see I’m going to have to tone it down. … A lot!
    : )

    • You’re so right! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner — I never saw your comment! 🙂 Did you have any luck in France? What was their impression of American women there??

      • I was not particularly interested in too many Frenchman. The cultures are just so different. I also think their general impression of American women (young college students anyway) is that they are fun to party with, and that may be about it. I have about 2 or 3 friends who found love in France. The rest of us said this was fun, now back to America (lol).

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