Wave Bar Closing?

To my Austinites and the similar (you Dallas, College Station, and Houston people that frequent this city) – I heard a juicy piece of news on the grapevine the other night while out on 6th. I made friends with a bartender at Wave while out for my birthday last week, so we went and said ‘hello’ to him Thursday night. After shooting the breeze for a few minutes, my friends and I started to head out and told our friend we’d see him later. He told us that if we wanted to come back to say ‘hi’ again, we’d have to come by Saturday night (tonight) because he wasn’t going to be at Wave anymore. When I inquired further, he went on to to tell me that the bar itself wouldn’t be there after Saturday! Say whaatt?? He said that Wave had been bought out by a new owner, but he didn’t have any idea what it was going to become after May 8. I don’t know why the bartender would make any of this up, so I’m curious to see what becomes of Wave after tonight. Maybe those of you who hold this place so dear should make a visit tonight if you weren’t already planning on it, if it’s really true!


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