Stupid Kids – Grow Up!

Okay so I definitely should be working on my massive research project and/or studying for my 2 tests coming up this Thursday and Friday but the thought of school and the crazy events that have been occurring since Thursday of last week made me think of this…

My roommate got an interesting e-mail on Sunday night through Blackboard and UT’s mail server. It was from a classmate in her Organic Chem. class and the e-mail basically said something like

“Hey guys, I’ve tried to hide it. I’m gay and it’s no use trying to deny it any longer. And while I’m at it, I may as well try to make some money. I’m also a prostitute. Call me at this number if you’re interested: (some number here).”

And it was actually signed with the guy’s name. At first we thought – what the hell? Why would anyone do this?! And then we realized it was probably some friends or enemies (or frenemies?) of this guy trying to play a prank on him. Seriously though?! This isn’t funny. Hundreds of people probably got that e-mail, not to mention the professor and TA’s. Plus, they actually included his phone number in there! Absolutely ridiculous! If you wanted to play a joke, put his finger in water when he’s sleeping or jump out and scare him or put a whoopee cushion on his seat – whatever! This is some really immature crap, and it seriously makes me wonder – when do people grow up?! Obviously, college is the new middle school…


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