Grandmother/Grandson Have a Baby Together

My roommate and I were watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back this afternoon, and we were commenting on how (for those of you who’ve never seen it) inappropriate it is that Stella dates a guy who is 20ish while she’s 40 – at least in the eyes of his mother. I mean if I were that mom, I’d be kind of perturbed at the situation too.

Then my roommate went on to tell me an even more disturbing story that made Stella’s story look like the most decent and sensible relationship in the world. She told me about this article on Yahoo! about a woman who was forced to give up her baby when she got pregnant at 18. The baby girl went on to have a child herself and years later, when she was dying of breast cancer, conveyed to her son about how she was adopted and how she never was able to find her real mother. Her son made a promise to find his mom’s real mother, his biological grandmother, and did so 3 years later. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Right? Wrong.

The grandmother and grandsons, now 72 and 36 respectively, decide that they’re each other’s SOUL MATES and fall head over heels in LOVE. Oh, but it gets better. They decide their lives aren’t complete until they have a BABY together. So the granny coughs up her entire retirement fund of $54,000 to hire a surrogate mother so she and her grandson lover can have a child together. Are you kidding me?! And apparently, there’s some weirdo disorder called GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) in which people who are related are attracted to each other. Okay, seriously. Even if you have this so-called ‘disorder’ – you should have enough sense to overcome it because it’s NOT RIGHT. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of. I mean, alcoholics and drug addicts overcome their disorders because they know they’re not right, don’t they? Seriously, this is not right.

Read the article here:


4 thoughts on “Grandmother/Grandson Have a Baby Together

  1. You know, I don’t think it’s that gross for Stella to get her groove onn. Men do it all the time with girls much younger than them. AND IT WAS TAY DIGGS! hahaha I would not be able to resist no matter how old I was. You should watch The Mother though…it’s painfully disturbing hahaha. and also just a bad movie.

    And ew yeah I heard about the grandma-grandson story. But really, other than the possibility of babies with genetic defects in heterosexual incestuous couples, incest really isn’t immoral I guess. People used to do it all the time back in the day. Except with like cousins or siblings I guess haha, and for different reasons. I don’t know how much I believe in that GSA thing though. But just thinking about how that mother would’ve felt seeing her son and mother hook up..yikes..

    • Haha I don’t have anything against Stella either btw. And as far as people marrying cousins and such back in the old days – it was still gross. But they did it for alliance purposes and so the thrones wouldn’t pass out of their families. Of course – it’s still gross but we also got rid of those customs for a reason…

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