Beach Wave Perm Review

pravana beach wave permThere’s a new perm out called the Beach Wave Perm by Pravana Naturceuticals. This isn’t your mom’s 90’s perm — it’s really different. All natural and keratin-induced — it’s supposed  to help strengthen your hair and leave it in better condition than before.

Now, I don’t buy into all of THAT, but it IS different. Firstly there are no perm rollers used, but rather sponge blocks. The idea is to create soft, natural waves, not tight curls. I was lucky enough to act as a guinea pig and try it out at Trashy Roots Salon in Round Rock, TX.  Considering my hair is super straight, this was a nice change. Since I had a formal event to go to last night, I asked my stylist to style my hair and she curled my new waves for more defined curls and put it up in a simple up-do. Usually, my hair doesn’t curl AT ALL with a curling iron, but lo and behold, my hair is still curly a day later! So far, so good!

Check out my account of the experience.

Also – I know the picture won’t stay up for long on the video – sorry! There was a kink in the editing. Check out my full story in written form and before/after pictures on my account for

Also, check out my 2 week post-perm update

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4 thoughts on “Beach Wave Perm Review

  1. Foram, I am thinking about getting this, but I never have the time to shower in the MORNING and usually do it at night. Would my beach waves look like…well…. beach waves if I shower at night and wake up and go?

    • Hi Valerie, sorry I never sorry your comment! I feel like my waves definitely held well the next day. The look is so subtle that it doesn’t look like it was a style that you just slept with. If anything, you could try that beach wave mist to crunch with and refresh the look, but they’ll definitely hold just fine!

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