Sandra B. is a Single Divorced Mom?

Our favorite Austinite has had a big year for news. First, she wins her first Oscar. Then she gets stuck in the middle of a gruesome cheating scandal literally days after she gushes onstage about her hubby, who turns out, cheated on her MULTIPLE times. She moves out and tries to disappear, for good reason, of course. Then she drops not one, but two big surprises on us. 1. She’s filing for divorce, and 2. she adopted a baby boy!

I’m surprised that she’s even talking about Jesse. It always surprises me when celebrities openly talk about their relationships. But since they are so public to begin with, I guess it’s understandable. It’s just still really soon, that’s all. But the baby? Who would have known? 3 1/2 month old Louis is from New Orleans and Sandra adopted him with Jesse back in JANUARY. They kept it under wraps this entire time. Bravo! Their family and close friends knew about it and stayed hush-hush this entire time. Kudos to Jesse’s kids who were able to keep their mouths shut, too. It can’t have been easy with a juicy secret like that in the air!

Now, Sandra’s filing for rights to parent Louis on her own, so Papa Jesse is out of the picture for good. My, my, this story just keeps getting juicier and juicier…Check out the latest People on news stands for the entire interview and pics. I will definitely be lingering at the checkout next time I’m in the store!


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