Tame Your Curly/Wavy/Nappy/Kinky Hair!

I’ve been broadcasting on my Facebook for women who have wavy, curly hair who have love/hate relationships with it to contact me. I’m video blogging for a FABULOUS website dedicated solely to you beautiful curlies out there. It’s called Naturally Curly and it is a haven for all the women (and men) out there who are just sick and tired of dealing with their textured hair. It has a ton of great tips and tricks on how to deal with it, as well as some great product reviews, photos, and even a store for you to stock up for all your curly needs! I’m looking for women who have a story to tell about their curly hair. How has it defined you? What impact has it had in your life? Has it shaped it in anyway? Contact me if you have a story to tell.

But DEFINITELY check out the site and start LOVING your beautiful, voluptuous hair.

Go to: www.naturallycurly.com


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