Best Makeup For Your Buck

I’ve always loved playing with makeup. It may be because I’ve always been an artsy-craftsy person and makeup is just another medium to play with. After all, putting on makeup is kind of like painting or drawing – it needs some skill and you have to understand your medium in order to use it to its best capability.

With that said, I’ve definitely tried a lot of different brands of makeup products over the years: department and drug-store brands alike. Ideally, I’d buy department store makeup all the time but obviously it’s pretty pricey to live out that dream. But then drug-store makeup isn’t always the best quality and it’s not exactly cheap either. What to do? It seems like you have to spend a lot of money for good quality makeup but I’m here to tell you that’s a complete misconception.

EyesLipsFace – or more popularly known as E.l.f. cosmetics is a phenomenal line of makeup that started out selling its products for only $1.00 each! I discovered the brand years ago in a magazine and found that many Target stores (and H-E-B stores in Texas) carry the brand. You can find everything from makeup brushes and eyelash curlers to eyeshadow, primers, and blushes, etc. The best thing about this line of cheap cosmetics is that they’re really good quality!

Since then, I’ve introduced many friends to this awesome line of cheap cosmetics. It’s sold at a lot of Target stores (and H-E-B grocery stores in Texas), and of course on their website. Since I discovered it, e.l.f. has introduced an AMAZING Studio line of makeup, that’s comparable to MAC or Smashbox cosmetics in both look and quality. It’s more expensive though: at $3.00 apiece! Insane! Their studio line is only offered on their website right now, but it’s so worth it! Some of my favorite products include:

Eyeshadow Primer: usually a good eyeshadow primer is really expensive, but not this one! It’s creamy and smooths out to a silky, matte finish. And the bonus is that the other side comes with a Liner Sealer that allows you to dip the brush into any color shadow and create your own liquid liner!

Eyeshadow: Probably the most popular and basic makeup product out there – a girl can never really have too many eyeshadows (just like it’s impossible to have too many pairs of shoes). These perfect little compacts come in a variety of colors and are high-pigment and super-silky. Pair them with the primer for all-day wear and a fabulous, sultry eye!

Under-eye Concealer: Under-eye concealers make a world of difference on your face, hiding discoloration and nasty bags to WAKE your face up! This one has a duo side that coms with a shimmery highlighter to put in the inner corners of your eye and the arches of your brow for extra brightness!

Eyebrow Kit: I have dark brows that are – for the most part – pretty thick. But I like to fill in the sparse bits for a tamed, polished look and this eyebrow kit REALLY does the trick. It’s awesome, especially for people whose brows fall to the back burner compared to their other features – which totally shouldn’t be the case – because defined brows really shape the face and make a statement! The wax goes on super smooth and the powder sets everything in for all-day wear!

Right now if you buy $20 worth of makeup, you can get 10 quads for their original eyeshadows – that’s FORTY colors free and you could probably buy a complete line of makeup in that much money! You also get free shipping if you spend $30!

They also have a line of mineral makeup, some really snazzy tools (makeup remover wipes, eyelash curlers, etc.), nail polish, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Go buy some great makeup! Happy shopping!


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