Make Your White Mac White Again!

I know in the last couple of years, Apple released their new line of Macs that are so smartly NOT made white (even though I like the sleek look of the old Mac laptops) and definitely not of the same polycarbonate(?) material as the older generation. I have one of those and one of my main concerns has always been how dirty it gets. Actually – all laptops probably just get as grimy and dirty – but with these white Macs, it’s so obvious.

I have seen some NASTY Macs out there, and this is especially for you out there! I thought mine was bad, but I have seen some that are so visibly dirty, it looks like someone went straight from gardening to their computer. Gross! So, how do you clean it? I was once advised to try to clean with nail polish remover. While it helped a LITTLE – it really didn’t do anything, and I doubt it was too safe for the surface. I have the solution for you – it’s cheap, easy, and super effective!!


Yes, these little erasers are truly magic – at least when it comes to cleaning your Mac! You don’t even need to buy the fancy ones that are made for extreme cleaning – the basic ones will work just fine. They’re about $2 for 2 (they also make 4-packs) and you can get them at  any grocery store. This is what you need to do:

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Wet the eraser and squeeze out ALL the water.
  3. In circular motions, start wiping your hand board down. You will literally see the dirt start to loosen up (even if it was only visible at an angle before)!
  4. Wipe down your keys and basically every inch of the computer. It even works on the top and bottom (there’s usually a lot of accumulated dirt on the bottom)
  5. Flip over and wipe it down once more to finish the job and let dry!
  6. Rinse your eraser out and squeeze out the water and store. (I’l just pop it back into the box!)

And Voila! You now have a spick and span, WHITE Mac again!

NOTE: This works for any laptops to remove dirt and oil, not just for Macs. So give it a shot and feel the difference!


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