TigerText: Promotes Sneaky Behavior?

Relationships are hard work. They require a lot of trust, first of all, in order to function and grow. Technology has enabled a lot of great things for the world and mankind, but there are times when I wish it didn’t exist. It makes it so much easier for people to get away with doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.

I came across this app for iPhones and BlackBerry phones called TigerText. It’s basically an app that allows you to choose the span of time a message in your inbox/sent box ‘lives’. So, for instance, if you send a text to a certain someone saying a certain something you shouldn’t be saying – you can just put a lifespan limit on the text for it to disappear – and no one will ever know it. The slogan for the product is even ‘cover your tracks’. Sketchy or what?!

By introducing this product to you doesn’t mean I’m endorsing it. This is the problem that people always have when addressing issues and causes they want to eradicate or introduce to a public forum for discussion – it almost turns into an endorsement.

The point is – technology can really suck. If you see this app on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone – you should probably ask them about it. Unless they have nosy parents actively going through their messages – (and even then, there’s such a thing as setting a password on your phone) – there shouldn’t be a reason to have this app…


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