Why You HAVE to Try Suave Professionals Shampoo

Years ago, I used to use Suave shampoo, when I didn’t really give a lot of attention to my hair and was too young to really care. I was just excited that my mom was letting me buy my own shampoo – it didn’t really matter what brand it was. Since then, I’ve come a long way – and it turns out – so has Suave.

I try not to get sucked into TV commercials because I know how exaggerated they usually are. Obviously though – they’re trying to sell a product. But after seeing their commercial over and over, I couldn’t help myself to getting convinced to give Suave’s new line of haircare products a try. The ad for Suave Professionals Shampoo shows a group of stylists at a fashion show styling their models for the runway. They’re raving about the products they’ve been given swearing they’d recommend them to their clients in a heartbeat. Lo and behold – what’s under the secret bottle? SUAVE SHAMPOO! Everyone is shocked of course that it could be Suave and the commercial ends there. It got me curious to see what the hubub was about.

I wanted to buy the big bottles with the pumps because they’re so economical and so HANDY, but when I went to Target to buy the shampoo, they had mismatched pumps. So I had to buy the Humectant line of shampoo that’s made for replenishing moisture to dry or damaged hair, and is comparable to Nexxus’ Therappe line. And I bought the Sleek line of conditioner, which is give your hair a smooth, sleek look and is comparable to Matrix’s sleek.look line.

I have got to say – I was SUPER impressed and pleased the first time I used this shampoo/conditioner. I had been using a line of some salon shampoo for color treated hair, for when I had been dying my hair, and I thought that it was amazing. It smelled great, and left my hair so smooth, especially considering I used to dye it. Then, I tried Suave. WOW – my hair hadn’t been so silky in a long time! And it smells great too! Not only that, but when I shampoo and condition, my hair seems to be a lot less tangled and much more manageable, both in the shower and after, when I’m trying to dry it.

So all in all, the new Suave line is a really great buy. It’s super inexpensive – about $4 for a HUGE pump bottle (can’t remember the exact ounce amount – but it’s a lot!) and you will LOVE the condition your hair is in! They have a ton of other lines for different hair types – including a Naturals line that includes Rosemary and Mint and Almond and Shea Butter. Definitely worth a try!

Check out all their stuff at their site: http://www.suave.com/products


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