Hawaiian Air: Best Service in Town

Something that’s common among travelers everywhere are the things we complain about. The line at the airport was too long. The guy in front took forever. The seats were uncomfortable. The food sucked. And of course – the air hostesses were a real pain in the ass. Most of this stuff is inevitable when it comes to flying – but the service could sure as hell be a lot better.

Seems like Hawaiian Airlines knows how you feel – and actually cares. Maybe that’s why they were rated number one for their service among 18 of the busiest airline companies. AirTran was the surprising contender, coming in second place on the list.

Regional airlines American Eagle, Atlantic Southeast, and Comair were shamed as the bottom three on the list. (The fact that these planes are tiny and quarters are tight may have something to do with cranky fliers?)

Turns out Hawaiian has actually been at the top for the last 3 years. The areas the private researchers surveyed were on-time performance, mishandled baggage, denied boardings due mostly to overbookings, and consumer complaints to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

While Hawaiian Air doesn’t fly to all the locations you’re probably looking, it does do a lot of island-hopping. So, at least, the next time you’re planning on heading over to the Philippines, Samoa, Australia, Tahiti, or of course, the Hawaiian islands – you know which airline to pick!

And for all the other trips – just avoid the sucky regional lines…


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