Conan to Move to TBS

Conan O’Brien has announced that he will launch a new show in the fall on  – TBS! That means all the speculations of Coco to move to FOX were totally wrong. I guess TBS is the place to be for late-night funnymen – first George Lopez and now Conan. Although, personally Lopez’s stand-up monologues during his talk show aren’t all that funny. He seemed to be much funnier on his sitcom – but that’s just my opinion. Conan’s switch to cable TV is kind of a – downgrade? from being on network TV, where his viewership was pretty impressive. It’ll be definitely interesting to see if Conan’s viewers loyally follow him to TBS 4 nights a week. And if so – this could mean big things for TBS. Maybe it’ll be the new home of a long line of funny men? We’ll see!


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