Senior Book Memories

I cracked open my Senior book today from high school today, and I have to say I was pretty close to shedding a tear or two. It made me incredibly sad and nostalgic. It makes me think of a line in one of Sarah McLachlan’s songs, “Weep not for the memories…” Still, I can’t help but BE sad for those memories because things completely changed after high school. And here I am on the eve of my senior year all over again and I can’t help but wonder if I even want some sort of memory book like this one to hold on to. Yes, it’s the remembrance of happy times that’s supposed to bring you joy from memory books like that, and to that I agree. My feelings are bittersweet, though. Happy because I remembered those times, but sad, not because THEY ended , but because my relationships with all those people ended.

So many people wrote about how much they cherished our friendship and how they wished to keep in touch. I’m not sure what that means to most people, but when I say that, I mean it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case for about 98% of the people who wrote in my book. Why is that? Why do we write these ambitious statements about staying in touch and staying friends forever, but never make any sort of effort towards making that happen? It’s as if those things are supposed to be said only by default because they’re the stereotypical things you write in yearbooks, “Take care, I’ll miss you, I love you, best of luck, keep in touch!” Why do people say they want to keep in touch, when they don’t really mean it? It’s something I’ve noticed with people everywhere. It’s as if we, as people, are programmed just to say things because we’re supposed to. But it’s a shame. And the “keep in touch” line is something I’ve never understood. Most people say it, but they don’t mean it. Why is that? What happens between the minute you SAY the words and the minute when you decide that you actually don’t care to stay in touch? It’s just a strange phenomenon I’ve never understood.

For any of my high school friends out there, I miss you guys – really. And I’d love to get back in touch – REALLY.


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