Rate your boss – anonymously!

We’ve all heard of – and most likely used – the professor ratings sites and MD rating sites. They’re a fabulous way to get the low-down on a potential professor or doctor, who could have both your life in their hands – in very different ways. They’re also great ways to dish on your experiences with them – good or bad. The down side? You have to reveal your identities in order to give others the 411. But, hey – think of a clever enough user name and disguising your identity is no problem!

Now, a new site has come out of beta for people everywhere to rate their bosses! And the angle – you can do it completely anonymously. This means you can give all the nitty, gritty, details about your boss and how downright evil he/she is, and not have to worry about being booted from the job you obviously love so much. The other catch is that there’s no way for the review for to be deleted once it’s up there.  It’s causing some controversy because, obviously, this means that anyone could just sign up and talk lots of crap about you (if you’re someone’s boss, obviously) – and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it – kinda!

The makers of the site, Unvarnished, thought of this little stickler that could turn into a huge problem of abuse on their site. If your workers, in fact, ARE saying nasty things about you, and you feel undeserving of it, you can fight back. You can claim your identity on the site and respond to the reviews, and tell your side of the story. You’re also able to invite people you know would have GOOD things to say about you to join, and ask them to write reviews to balance things out. The point is that they want the possibility of honest, negative reviews to remain open without people being afraid of repercussions.

It’ll be interesting to see if this catches on…check it out and start reviewing your bosses!



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