Persian Jersey Shore?

Word is that the makers of Jersey Shore want to launch a Persian version of the stellar shore. This is what the L.A. casting call looks like:

Los Angeles[-based] proud Persian-Americans who rule the Hollywood nightlife and own Beverly Hills.

Two thousand years ago the Persian Empire ruled the ancient world…but they didn’t have your soundtrack, your style, or your swagger! Today there’s a new Persian empire growing right here in LA and it’s ready to conquer the world all over again. It’s a bad-ass new dynasty where exotic beauty and wild style dominates the sexiest nightlife, exclusive venues and hottest beaches the modern world has to offer.”

Its time to show the world that being Persian-American is a celebration of the American dream

If your life is “all about Gucci, Gabbana, Cavalli and Cristal” or if buying anything “from BMWs and Bugatis, to Mercedes and Movado–money is no object,” then should apply.

Fantastic – as if Snooki and her gang of guidos weren’t enough to embarrass an entire race – let’s branch out and shame some more people. It should be interesting to see, to say the least…


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