Real Life Snow White?

The other day while at a service event, some of the girls from my organization started reminiscing about our favorite Disney movies. We talked about how sexist they were, and how in reality, they were the main contributors to the perpetuated stereotype of a woman being ‘a damsel in distress.’

I brought up Snow White and told them how I had just recently watched it for the first time in a long time. One of the things that I guess I had misunderstood about the story was the matter of Snow White’s death. I thought that the poison apple the Queen fed her was only meant to knock her out until someone came and kissed her. It sounds ridiculous even to assume that this could be possible – but, I mean, it’s not like the Disney movies are all that realistic to begin with. When I saw it again I realized that she had in fact killed her. The dwarfs refused to bury her because of how beautiful she was, and instead, kept her in  a glass coffin. Gross!! I thought this was really disturbing that a corpse could remain in a glass coffin. Dead bodies freak me out as it is – I couldn’t imagine one being showcased that way. Plus, doesn’t the body start decomposing after a certain time? And wouldn’t it smell?

I figured I was just thinking about it too much, considering it was just a fairytale-based movie. Until today. Flipping through some pictures on TIME’s Pictures of the Week slideshow – I came across this:

In Memoriam
The former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos, visits the glass coffin of her husband, late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who remains unburied in Batac, Phillipines since his death in 1989.

What in the world?! This guy has been in a glass coffin for the last 21 years?! I suppose the organs are taken out of the body to keep it from decomposing and smelling up the coffin? I don’t know, but this is definitely creepy. What I don’t get is how does the skin and hair and all of those parts of the body stay the way it is?

Apparently after this guy died, they also commissioned a Mount Rushmore-esque carving of him into some cliff too. Man, this guy is after all the iconic legends…


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