Heart pumping music

UT”s annual Indian Student Talent Show was held tonight. The show brought back a ton of memories last year when I had the privilege to serve as a video emcee and partial live emcee and get to interact with all the awesome performers. The performers did an amazing job this year – in my opinion, even better than last. The show ran smoothly, without any kinks and the acts hit all their cues for the most part.

I had pretty good seats and was somewhat close to the speakers. And some may say it would be annoying sitting that close to a speaker, but I rather enjoyed it. Why, you say? There’s something about music that’s so loud, it wakes up ever fiber of your being.

It’s amazing the qualities music has – it can speak the words you can’t find. It can sing the melodies you can’t. It can bring you back to an exact moment in time that you can so vividly remember right down to the way the air smelled that day and how your emotions bubbled inside of you.

There’s something about music that loud – that when the bass drum beats, your heartbeat catches up so they beat as one. There’s just something about music that loud that exaggerates every quality that music has. You can feel your blood rushing and brow furrowing in the way it does when you feel something so deep, you just can’t find the words to express it. You can remember exactly how you felt the first time you heard that song  – more so just because the music is so loud that it rushes you down memory lane before you can even try to remember for yourself. There is just SOMETHING about music that loud…I just love it.

There was plenty of that heart-pumping music tonight at the show along with some great acts! The performers really impressed – pulling out all sorts of stops with theatrics and flipping girls all over the place! Great job guys!

Also amazing – the singers for the Indian national anthem and the American national anthem. It’s funny how you get a little teary-eyed when you hear the national anthem of your country so proudly sung, but otherwise you’re constantly taking for granted what exactly you have (in either – if you’re like me and another 5000 people). Maybe it’s a good idea to start playing the anthems more sporadically to get people in the mood for some country cheer? You never know – you know the power of music!


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