Bowl of Adjectives

You know how when you’re young, you come up with this crazy, imaginative ideas? You think that one day, you’re going to move to Hollywood and become a movie star. Or maybe you imagine that you’ll fly to the moon on a recreational visit – not because you’re an astronaut.

My ideas were never too, too crazy. I was a pretty practical child in most senses, I think. But there was one idea that I spawned kind of as a silly joke with a friend of mine one summer. We were probably about 13-years-old. Starry-eyed and optimistic, we thought about our ideal worlds. As we flipped through fashion magazines, clipping out words and pictures of the elements we liked to believe defined us and our lives, we had a ‘brilliant’ idea.

What if people had bowls of adjectives? Everyday, you’d pick out a word from a bowl with some new adjective and have to live out the day characterizing that word to the fullest.

So you could pull out ‘spontaneous’, or maybe ‘silly’, or maybe even ‘beautiful’ – which would require one to understand his/her own interpretation of the word to fully embody the idea.

It was a joke we laughed about that summer, and many years since. We’ll recall our brilliant Bowl of Adjectives idea whenever we feel that one of us had had a new dominant quality for that day – joking, ‘You must have pulled out ‘x’ from the bowl today!’

It makes me wonder though, if people really did utilize such a concept – what would our everyday interactions be like? Would we know ourselves better because we’d been forced to act out so many different qualities, that we really understood what felt right and what didn’t? Would we be HAPPIER, though, because we’d gotten to realize our own capabilities to be slightly different people everyday? And most importantly, would we even be ABLE to successfully reinvent ourselves every single day?

Sometimes I think I should bring my silly, imaginative idea to life. It would be interesting, to say the least…

Would you like to live life by pulling out a new adjective out of the bowl everyday?


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