Ron Weasley Sexin’ it Up

Rupert Grint – better known as lovable Ronald Weasley apparently experienced his first sex scene experience – and he says he was traumatized by it! He told the Sun paper that it was a pretty awkward experience but he got by with a little help from the good ole liquid courage….

“I had my first sex scene and it was a traumatic experience. But Kimberley [Nixon] found it a lot more embarrassing. I think it’s easier for boys. It was her first too so we were in the same situation…It’s just such a weird thing anyway being in a room of 12 men. When we were filming we were drinking every night. It helped the bonding”

The movie with Ronnie boy’s hot love scene is called ‘Cherrybomb’ and it tells the story of 2 guys and a girl who have just a normal youngster’s weekend of partying, drinking, and car-stealing that – wait for it – GOES BAD…*cue ominous music*.

It’s due out in the UK on April 23rd. Hope it gets sent over to the States – I’m sure the Americans would enjoy seeing Weaselby all grown up and being all teenagey! I wonder how Hermione would feel…?


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