Faces of Meth

Today in my psychology class, my professor talked about drugs. She talked to us about the effects of all the illegal drugs that we all know about – crack cocaine, powder cocaine, meth, ecstasy, nicotine, an even caffeine. Interestingly enough, caffeine and nicotine fell in the same category of stimulant drugs as cocaine and ecstasy. Although not as stigmatized and immediately harmful – excessive nicotine and coffee – but more so nicotine – can have some ugly effects on you as you age. But that’s not news – we’ve all been told about the dangers of smoking. Like with alcohol – neither nicotine, nor caffeine are too horribly bad for you in moderation. It’s just when you get addicted and you can’t pull away that the trouble begins.

She talked to us about meth and how incredibly addictive it is. In addition, it’s a dangerous drug to produce and there are many cases of meth labs exploding and killing people that way. Very few meth users can use it in moderation – and that’s half the danger right there. It’s incredibly addictive and it causes RAPID aging. She told us about a site that shows ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pics of meth users, and it’s quite disturbing to say the least…

Check out Faces of Meth


2 thoughts on “Faces of Meth

  1. The main reason why users look terribly aged in a relatively short period of time; is that Meth supresses the appetite and continued Meth use quickly leads to the development of a severe form of anorexia.

    It makes one wonder, given the extreme physical and psychological risks associated with this drug; how any thinking person could possibly consider using Meth, even just once.

  2. I definitely agree. But I think it’s the same with any other abusive substance or condition. At the time – no one thinks about the consequences because we all like to believe that the things we are doing aren’t as bad as they are. With most other substances/conditions – the effects catch up to you later on. With Meth – it’s just really quick, so I guess you don’t have much time to be delusional…Really sad though!

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