Yet Another Teeny Bopper “Designer”

Since when did  teeny bopper TV celebs like Mary-Kate and Ashley (who are much older now), Miley Cyrus – and the latest – Selena Gomez start deciding what FASHION was?! While the prior 2 opted for the ultimate money-saving, family-friendly hub that is Wal-Mart, Selena Gomez has announced a partnership with Kmart to produce her own fashion collection. The Disney princess’ line will be out in stores this July and is supposed to be modeled after her own “cool, casual look”. It’s called Dream Out Loud and will have a shoe line addition in October.

Says Selena about the line, “This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I feel privileged to be able to give the consumer great product at a great value.”

‘As long as I can remember’???! She’s only like 17 – how long has she dreamt of this? Obviously, when we’re 5-years-old, we all want to have glamourous occupations like fashion designer, actress, pop star, etc. She says it as if she’s a 40-year-old who has been making a name for herself for the last couple of decades.

I’m sorry, I don’t think a 17-year-old has even been alive long enough to understand fashion enough to DESIGN it. She may dress cute, but that doesn’t make her a fashion icon. Putting out her own LINE – sheesh!  And best of luck to her partnering up with Kmart – how many of those stores even exist anymore?


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