People often stop at my name. Not necessarily because it’s pretty – but just strange. Even though it sounds and looks almost identical to the place or meeting where ideas and views are exchanged – ‘forum’ – most have found it to be extremely creative and unique. And I’ve got to say, one benefit that comes from having such an odd name is that it’s memorable – which comes in real handy when meeting potential employers – like I did today!

The Communication Job and Internship Fair was held today and lots of future, little, communicators came to impress – what they hope to be – their future bosses. While booth-hopping, I came to speak with a woman who ran a website for senior care. She was looking for bloggers and writers and such. I think overall I made a good impression on her. But then just as I was leaving she commented on my name again, telling me how much she loved it. Then she told me that she was thinking about getting a new cat and said she was considering naming it Foram! I thought that was the most hilarious thing in the world! Not only has no one ever named something after me, but a pet – and after just a few minutes of knowing me!

Guess one thing’s for sure – she’ll definitely remember me when it comes to calling up people for interviews!! Thanks, Dad for my awesomely odd name!!


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