Music to Soothe Your Soul

I’m always on the hunt for new music to jam to, and in recent months I’ve become a big fan of Pandora Radio. Most of you have probably heard of this beyond amazing service that allows you to type in an artist, song, or genre and finds music similar to it. You get non-stop play and even have the option to “like” or “not like” a song, which helps the genius workings of the internet radio to customize a song flow that better caters to your pure happiness.

One genre of music I’ve really come to sink my teeth into is the World genre. It’s a broad genre, but particularly I really, really enjoy Indian classical/Electronic fusion. It sounds like a weird combination, but if you’re looking for something to soothe your soul and help you relax and unwind, it’s absolute bliss. If you do yoga or pilates – set your iTunes to this jam and escape to nirvana. If you can’t study to words (like me) because you get distracted, but want something edgier than soft piano – try this stuff on for size. It definitely works for me!

My absolute FAVORITE find has been “Om Nama Shivaya” by Sonicjoy. It combines the Hindu mantra with edgy, electronic beats and a slow, snakelike melody that’s really fantastic. The song starts out slow with tabla beats and then POW, it picks up with the electronic jam. Sensational!! While I haven’t found anything else by Sonicjoy that I really like, there are a few other artists that have consistently pleased me.

Anoushka Shankar – the daughter of world-famous Indian Classical musician Ravi Shankar (and the half-sister of Norah Jones) has a real knack for Indian Classical like her old man. Her CD “Rise” has a phenomenal version of remixes done by Thievery Corporation and Karsh Kale called “Rise Remixes”. Some of the best on that CD include “Naked”, and “Beloved”.

Also great – Karsh Kale. He does East/West fusion seamlessly. “Break of Dawn” and “Milan” off his CD “Liberation” are some of my favorites, but since he does so many great remixes, typing in his name into Pandora will bring up a lot of stuff he’s put his magic touch on in addition to his personal creations.

Bombay Dub Orchestra and Thievery Corporation are also great groups to put into Pandora. Some of my favorites by then include, “Feel” (by Bombay Dub) and Le Rêveur -Thievery Corporation Remix (technically listed as by Cirque de Soleil – this song is truly a hypnotic experience!)

Individually – “Kafez” by Nurai Lita is also worth checking out! And since I found most of these artists and songs on Pandora by using one of the artists/songs mentioned – you’re likely to find a lot more music to jam to! (And it’s all available on iTunes!)

I’d love to hear some feedback if you get around to listening to any of this!


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