Health Care Reform Bill for Dummies

Tomorrow President Obama will sign a sweeping health care reform legislation turning it into law. Since Obama took office – and even before – there has been a lot of heated debate between Democrats and Republicans on what was the right solution to reform the healthcare problem in America. Last night – the Democrats won – the vote anyway. After Obama signs the bill into law, a compromise package, that passed the House on Sunday will  go to the Senate. They’ll have at least 20 hours to basically tear the bill apart amendment by amendment if they want. And considering their sour dispositions – that may very well be the case.

Now, I’ve never been a big political junkie. But there definitely comes a time – like now – when politics start directly affecting you. Sure, there are plenty of high school kids and middle school kids who pay diligent attention to what goes on in D.C. – and I offer up a lot of kudos to them. If everyone took as much initiative as that – we’d all be better off. For one, people would have some common knowledge about a specific issue before offering up their two cents, instead of blindly claiming a Republican or Democratic loyalty and then attacking the other just for the hell of it. Sadly, though, that’s not the case. When you’re young, you tend to be ego-centric and self-centered. If it doesn’t affect you and your immediate world – it’s just not that important.

Sadly for me, I didn’t start trying to interest myself into politics til very late and I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know much about the reform bill until quite recently. Rather than claim a side, however, I’ve been reading up on exactly what the health care reform legislation says and what it’ll mean to the average American (say, like me). I’m not completely ashamed to say I didn’t know much about it because I know I’m not the only one out there. Here’s a great piece done by Huma Khan of ABC News, that breaks down the bill into laymen’s terms. I encourage anyone who has a so-so knowledge about the bill to read it. Educate yourselves, people, and THEN update your Facebook statuses.

I have to say that now having read up on it – I’m definitely for it. Health insurance for 95% of Americans, mandatory coverage by employers, can’t be dropped from your plan if you become sick, children (and eventually adults) can’t be turned away because of preexisting illnesses, and a decrease in the national deficit by billions over the next decade. Hello? What’s not to like, here? (Rhetorical question, but I would still love your comments if you have some) Overall – what are yall’s qualms or praises for the bill?


2 thoughts on “Health Care Reform Bill for Dummies

  1. ok i love the whole idea of it but seriously when are we going to stop taking care of people?!?! i work hard for my little check and i want ALL my money!! im not only working to support me but also (some. not all, cuz i know some who sit around and wait for money to fall in their laps) lazy people on welfare! i think if they want to have “one” they need to make the other almost if not completely none-existant! i may sound selfish, but hey everyones the center of their own universe, but i think id rather be healthy and have health care than have lazy people mooch off of me!! dont worry i see both sides of the coin im not completely “evil”. welfare helps people that really need it but most people take advantage and id rather everyone be healthy over someone taking advantage. At least this way when ur sick, your sick and its real!!

  2. but the thing is – it’s not going to cost YOU more. it’s going to come out of the taxes you pay anyway. the people it’ll really affect are the people who make more than $200,000 a year

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