Natalie Holloway’s Skeleton Found?!

A couple recently vacationing in Aruba snapped some shots while snorkeling in Oct. 2009 and captured an eerie image of what looks like a skeleton of a human body buried in the sand. What’s weirder is the location of the supposed skeleton is roundabout where high school senior Natalie Holloway disappeared 5 years ago. I’m sure you all remember that story? Girl goes on senior trip with her friends and mysteriously disappears. Her body was never found, and no one was ever charged for murder. A Dutch man who was a suspect in the case, Joran van der Sloot, said that he knew how and where Natalie died — TWICE — but never faced murder charges. He said that Natalie fell to her death off a balcony after drinking and using drugs. Police are going to try and investigate the spot and extract the supposed skeleton.

Whatever happened to poor Natalie, it would be a miracle if the skeleton were hers — just so her family could finally get some closure. And with today’s technology — maybe a real truth can be uncovered about what really happened to Natalie Holloway?

Check out the picture the snorkeling couple took — you can clearly see what looks like the outline of a human skeleton. (From ABC News — an AP Photo)

The picture the snorkeling couple took in Aruba.


2 thoughts on “Natalie Holloway’s Skeleton Found?!

  1. thats crazy! this guy says he knows where and how she died and nobody arrests him?? gees! you cant see a dude piss in the street without being arrested right along with him for being an accomplice! hah!

  2. when you have been to aruba then you know this can’t be thrue. Snorkeling is in the shallows and the wave actions there would destroy a skeleton in seconds.

    Thrill seekers and they know these nice roundings that look like a skull is a piece of coral.
    its not for nothing they call it brain coral the structure and round shape has given it its name.

    And come on guys/girls its a shitty thing this girl is missing but we all know she is dead and probably eaten by sharks in the caribian sea.

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