India thinking about banning big, fat liar

Lindsay Lohan – where did we go wrong with you?! You were so cute and lovable (and NORMAL) playing twins in the Parent Trap. You were perfect alongside Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey in Mean Girls – even if you weren’t that funny yourself. We liked you; we really, really liked you! But then you turned into a nut and lost some 100 lbs and turned into a coke head. Let’s not forget your (fleeting?) stint as a lesbian. Hey, whatever you want to do with your life – it’s cool. We just want the freckle-faced, redhead, girl next door back!

Well, I’m not sure if we’ll get so lucky with the girl-next-door part but LiLo MAY be coming back to the States – just not by choice. Recently Lindsay traveled to India to film a documentary about child sex-traffiking. She recently Tweeted that she gallantly rescued 40 child workers from a sweatshop herself! Kudos to you!!!…IF IT WERE TRUE! Indian activist officials later said that she arrived after a rescue raid was over and she didn’t have anything to do with rescuing anyone. Burn.

Now officials are considering BANNING Lohan from ever coming back to India. Hah! On top of that, she violated the country’s visa laws by coming to India with a tourist visa to film for her documentary – which is also illegal.

Lessons to learn? 1. You don’t have to be a mastermind, evil-doer terrorist to be banned from a country. 2. Don’t lie to India!

Shame, shame Lindsay. Shame, shame…


4 thoughts on “India thinking about banning big, fat liar

    • I guess it must be a little more serious than it appears if India is reviewing the case to decide whether to ban her from ever coming back! I think this is more embarrassing than some of her other antics!

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