Facebook Etiquette

As kids we probably learned proper bathroom etiquette and dinner table etiquette – some may have even learned proper etiquette to meeting and greeting elders and people of importance. Now, it seems the time has come for the creation of a new category of rules outlining what to do and not to do when it comes to – Facebook. Yes, Facebook. The super-cyber network that connects millions has changed the level of severity with which we look at ‘stalking’. Hell – it’s perfectly NATURAL to stalk thy neighbor now. (If we’re still talking about Facebook, of course…)

What’s UNCLEAR are some other rules. Considering the larger-than-life presence of Facebook in all of OUR lives – it’s definitely time someone compiled a set of rules for proper Facebook etiquette. Me, you say? Oh, why not – if you insist! ; )

  1. If we’ve never met, and unless you’re extremely attractive and rich (just kidding…kinda) – DON’T ADD ME! I don’t ever understand what guys are thinking (esp. those from another country) by clicking ‘Add as Friend’ when we have no friends in common, you’re 15+ years older, and I know that the only way you probably found me was by leafing through girls with either my first or last name. OR you’ve just spent hours scrolling through lists of girls adding random ones – both EQUALLY as bad. If you think it’s flattering – think again. It only screams ‘CREEP’ loud and clear.
  2. Adding people after you meet once can sometimes put the other person in an awkward situation. Some will just hit ‘accept’ without thinking twice. But SOMETIMES it can be awkward – after all, you’re barely a friend and unless you plan on actually being friends in person, it can get annoying to see all your crap pop up in the news feed. So unless you plan on keeping in TOUCH with me – don’t add me just to increase the friend count on your page.
  3. If you’ve ADDED me on Facebook and we DO know each other – then, yes – call me NUTTY-  but I DO expect you to say ‘Hi’ to me in person. I can’t stand it when someone has added me on Facebook to be a friend because we go to school together, but yet he/she gives me the cold shoulder in real life. Hello?! That really does scream CREEP – and talk about a lack of social skills!
  4. If we NEVER talk, we’ve barely ever (or never) talked on Facebook – don’t be offended if I delete you. I hate clutter and that applies to cyberspace too. Even if that’s not your particular nerve ticker – the spawn of the frequently updated news feed means people’s stuff is going to pop up a LOT. It can get super annoying reading about someone that sometimes – you don’t even remember! Spring Cleaning can happen anytime on Facebook – and it feels JUST as good every time!
  5. Not returning a wall post or message is just as rude as not returning a call/voicemail. And don’t think people can’t see you engaging in all that Facebook activity – Newsfeed strikes again! It’s just rude people – don’t make someone wait forever, and if you do – a quick apology is defn. in order!
  6. Statuses can really have TMI sometimes. Not everyone wants to know every.single.thing.about.you. I mean, if your goal is to get people talking – you might succeed, but they might not be saying good things! =/ Keep some things to yourself!
  7. If you don’t want people to ASK – don’t broadcast it! Don’t tell everyone how sad or happy you are, or change your relationship status to an elusive “In a Relationship” or the opposite – that you’re NOT in a relationship anymore, if you’re going to shy away from questions and get annoyed that people want to know! Don’t act like you want to share if you don’t!
  8. Don’t put up pictures or content that’s going to harm your reputation if you’re in school or working – which makes up for most of the population I’d say. If you haven’t noticed, EVERYONE’s on Facebook – which means if your Facebook persona is a floozy drunkie or a pothead bum – then your boss or professor, or even your mom or minister might be in on that ‘well-kept’ secret. Be careful what you put up! If you must divulge – set those privacy settings – that’s what they’re there for!
  9. Don’t invite me to stupid events and groups unless they’re relevant. Mass invites are SUPER annoying for EVERYONE!
  10. Last but not least – don’t send stupid notifications or invites about stupid applications! I don’t want to join Sorority Life or know about how far you’ve gotten in FarmVille. We like you, but we don’t care that much!!

There you go – my top 10 rules to proper Facebook etiquette. I don’t think they’re too harsh or bizarre. What do you guys think? I’d love your comments!


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